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Answers To Our Most Common Questions

Home automation refers to the use of technology integrated into a home, that makes it more convenient, more efficient and enhances your lifestyle. A reliable home control system installed by Hyperion is the best way to achieve this.

The options for home control systems are virtually endless. Some examples of the home systems that you may wish to control are:
• CCTV - Feel safer in your home, and monitor it remotely from abroad.
• Lighting – Customize the mood of each room with contemporary lighting design.
• Multi room audio and video distribution.- Enjoy the ability to have sound and video throughout your home.
• Climate control – Control the temperature of each room with the touch of a button.
• Central archive storage of CD’s, DVD’s, pictures and games – Keep all of your media at your finger tips.
• Computer networks - A home network allows you to share all of your files and printers, and access the internet throughout the home.
• Blinds and curtains - Wake up to natural light in the morning, and gain peace of mind at sunset, knowing that your blinds and curtains are set on a schedule.
• Touch screen controls - Total home control at your finger tips.

All of the features mentioned above can be integrated into your home and controlled using a single, easy to use, touch screen panel in each room. This touch screen control allows you to customize any aspect of your home environment and entertainment systems.

Home lighting control is the ability to control a light or group of lights within your home, by use of a touchpad or remote control. Lighting automation gives you the ability to save preset lighting scenes or moods for a particular time of day or special occasion. Home lighting control provides added security to your property by allowing you to set your lighting on a pre-determined schedule while you are away. Increased energy efficiency and a reduce need to replace bulbs will cut the cost of your electricity bills, saving you money.

Lighting control give you the ability to light up your entire home, garden and driveway with a single press of a button. Your lighting can be linked to motion detectors, enabling them to flash as a deterrent when activated, or fully light up for your peace of mind. Lighting control can also be linked to a number of other systems and home devices such as fire and burglar alarms and CCTV.

Multi room audio and video is a complete entertainment system that allows you to enjoy your home entertainment independently in any number of rooms throughout the house. Music or video is relayed from centrally located equipment to discreet speakers and screens in other rooms, and is controlled by a remote control or keypad on the wall.

Custom home theatre refers to the set up of audio and video systems in your home, in an effort to duplicate the movie theatre experience. Home theatre systems can be installed in virtually any room of the house, an apartment, office, dorm, or even outdoors.

For the best Home Theatre experience we recommend using a specially designed cinema screen with projector. Add a high end DVD player, amplifiers, in-wall speakers, and a subwoofer to create the ultimate in home movie theatre experience.

Whole house internet is provided by installing a wired, wireless or retrofit network into your home, enabling anyone to share files and printers between any room in the house.

Among our many services, we are proud to also offer the following:
• Vanishing TV’s
• Outdoor entertainment & living spaces – customized to our climate.
• Pop up TV’s (i.e. Pop up from footboards/ceilings etc.)
• Custom holiday lights (permanently installed and programmable for Christmas, Halloween etc.)
• AI (artificial intelligence)
• The ability to control your entire home through your tablet, laptop or smart phone.